Completely in keeping with the philosophy, KIS offers an extensive collection of hair colorings. The basis of the collection is KIS KeraCream Color – a 100% covering permanent hair color enriched with keratin for optimal hair recovery during coloring – with 83 mixable shades for unprecedented creative possibilities. Royal KIS SafeShades is the luxury variant with an even longer shelf life thanks to the Color Connect Technology and the Vegatal Keratin Complex and is extra mild due to the PPD, resorcinol and MEA-free formulations. For shine treatments and color balancing, the ammonia-free and demi-permanent hair color SoftShades are indispensable in every salon. Additional creative possibilities are offered by the direct color pigments from KeraDirect. Not only for bright accent colors, but also for beautiful and soft pastels and ideal as a color refresh at home. For color refreshment and extra care, the hair color collection is closed with KeraFresh.

Safe colouring for everyone

Royal KIS SafeShades

Royal KIS SafeShades is a new generation of permanent hair color that offers the perfect harmony between science and nature. The mild, balanced formula contains up to 25% lipids and conditioning ingredients, is free from PPD and resorcinol and contains a minimal amount of ammonia.

Colours with shine and ease

KIS SoftShades

The new Royal KIS SoftShades is a Demi Conditioning Color with an ammonia-free formula with a wonderful scent. The color remains beautiful for a long time and fades gradually, so no outgrowth. The hair is also extra strengthened and immediately detangled and that in just 20 minutes.

Enchant your hair with a washable colour

Royal KIS Glamwash

Whether you have colored or uncolored hair: with Royal KIS Glam Wash you can freshen up your hair color or give your hair a new, vibrant shade in no time. This super intensive color wash is also ideal for use in the salon, to pre-pigment the hair.


100% grey coverage and long shelf life

KIS KeraCream

If you really want to surprise your customers, color their hair with KIS KeraCream COLOR. With this you can color and restore the hair in one go. The Keratin Infusion System is already active during the treatment. The result: a color that radiates from within. The healthier the hair, the more sparkling the color. And the greater the wow effect!

The Number 1 Trend Setter

KIS Metallics

Discover the Metallics colors from KIS. Six Metallic shades to use as a toner on bleached hair (level 10) to create spectacular metallic effects.


What you see is what you get

KIS KeraDirect

KeraDirect colors are intensive fashion colors. KeraDirect is available in different colors and can be mixed with each other. If you want a pastel shade or illuminate the color, you can mix the KeraDirect colors with the KeraDirect Clear. KeraDirect colors are ready to use, you do not have to mix them with hydrogen peroxide.

Nourishing Colour Refresher

KIS Kera Fresh

The ideal KeraFresh Color Conditioner is the product to refresh your hair color when the hair has become dull. With this product you will enjoy colored hair for longer. KeraFresh Color Conditioner ensures that colored hair looks beautiful and shiny again! KeraFresh Color Conditioner cares for, repairs and gives hair shine. Product maintains and optimizes the color.